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Lala Pipo (2009)

Lala Pipo focuses around various very different characters and their relations with the Sex Industry in Japan. We are first introduced to Kenji a smooth talking talent scout, his neighbour a slob who converses with his exhausted penis, then we follow career of a beautiful young shop assistant, an old porn star tramp with a secret, a club lacky by day and “porno Power Ranger” by night and a husky young woman whose aspiring voice actress and also has a bizarre range of sex tapes!

When first hearing about this movie, I was really quite interested in the concept and the various tales that were going to be told. After viewing the movie you become aware that the title – “Lala Pipo” actually stands for “A Lot of People”, but in my opinion it stands for “A Lot of Pish”. Harsh yes, but certain characters like “Captain Bonita” and the pervy slob with the fluffy toy for a cock was silly, annoying and both were easily disposable characters.

I will admit the only genuinely pleasing of these thankful 93 minutes revolve around Tomoko. Her character puts on a brave face as her life takes worse turn after worse, believing these things are happening for a reason. Her manager is the talent scout Kenji, who is filling her mind with lies and false threats.

Final thoughts, the movie was a let down. If your familiar with director Masayuki Miyano’s past work and you like the looks of this, don’t let me hold you back!

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