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Podcast on Fire 63: An Evening with Stoo & Jim

teaandbLooks lovely eh? Get’s me in the Christmas mood!

When the Magnificent Trio went to form @ POF HQ, it turned out it was just Stoo! So Stoo enlisted James Aylmore as guest host the show for a change! It turns out that Ken’s chasing Kaiju and Mike was catching up on some homework. Cheeky Buggers!

We discuss last movies watched, which turns into a mini Japan on Fire.

The main of the show is our discussion of the news regarding Cine-Asia striking a deal with Dragon Dynasty. Tune in and Contact us!

3 comments on “Podcast on Fire 63: An Evening with Stoo & Jim

  1. Knetan says:

    Liked your balanced view on “controversy” on certain dvd’s. Always healthy.

  2. Kamen Liew says:

    Thanks for your shoutout at the end of the podcast Stu, totally unexpected but a very welcoming surprise. I’ll be avoiding an epic comment this time and try to restrain my excitement! hehe

    Would have liked to hear James elaborate a little more on Ip Man. Or Ong Bak 2 if he could have remembered a little more about it.

    If a comparison could be made between both said films (being the top 2 biggest martial art films of 2008), which one would you guys say is better?

    For my money it will be towards Ong Bak 2; only because it was a bit more inventive & for a first time director, Jaa shows a lot of promise. I also give Ong Bak 2 credit for coming out of the whole Tony-Jaa-breakdown shebang unscathed and still entertain us purists on an entirely different level.

    Ip Man was good, definitely Yen’s best recent film to date but I was a little tired of the whole Chinese versus Japanese theme that’s been overly done for years. So I put this one a little lower.

    What u guys think?

  3. Stoo says:

    You’re quite right about Ong Bak 2.

    Ip Man as you mentioned is a well known plot, but I think it’s a popular one. Movies like Fist of Fury and Fist of Legend both hits and now you might become sick of the genre very soon, since Donnie is playing the role of Chen Zhen in the next year.

    Oh and Ip Man 2 is nearly complete too!

    Hope you have a good new year mate!

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