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Household Kaiju Competition Winner

Few months back we asked our community to come up with thier ideal Kaiju made up of Household items! We got great feedback and responses via Facebook, our forums and even our Twitter account. The winner though is; The Kettle Monster by forum member SlipStreamer. His Entry;

The Kettle Monster! (Alternative names: Ken The Kettle, Kettley Joe, The Magnificent Kettle.)

All good monsters need a backstory:

While experimenting on an unidentified element in his kitchen, Professor Q decided to make himself a cup of tea. But instead of pouring the boiling water into an empty cup, he poured it into the cup containing a sample of the element! Q was severely disfigured in the resulting explosion, and could only live long enough to see a giant shadowy figure rising from the dust before him.

The mutant kettle’s handle has morphed into a tail, with which it throws boiling cups of tea at people, it’s nose shoots steam into the air, and it has legs for some reason. While few people survive an encounter with it, there are those who say it is in fact a lizard, and has (lime)scales for skin. We may never know the truth, but this beast certainly deserves its title of KING OF WHITE GOODS.

The T-Shirt is on it’s way to you buddy! Enjoy!

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