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DD/CA: Fist of Legend art (+ Future CA Release)

FistofLegendwebWe spoke about this a few weeks back the partnership between Dragon Dynasty & Cine-Asia and this is the first sign that the wheels are in motion. The artwork for Fist of Legend: 2 Disc Ultimate Edition seems to be first on the cards. We don’t have any idea on what special features it will have, maybe it will have the same features from the Dragon Dynasty release.

When looking for details about the release on Cine-Asia website, I noticed that Cine-Asia have got the rights and are planning on releasing; Connected (Louis Koo), The Raging Phoenix (the next movie from Chocolate star Jeeja Yanin) and The Vanquisher, Vanquisher was brought to our attention upon Mike Banners discussion on POF56.

With these releases lined up, it’s easy to say that Cine-Asia really is the leading company when it comes to releasing Asian Cinema WORLDWIDE!

7 comments on “DD/CA: Fist of Legend art (+ Future CA Release)

  1. Tom K.W. says:

    So happy this is getting a quality UK release ! Glad I waited, and didnt import the US disc…

  2. Knetan says:

    I don’t care for covers as such but “a film by Yuen Woo-Ping”, that’s just a sloppy error.

  3. Stoo says:

    Fuck, your right!

    Gordon Chan would roll over in his grave!

  4. Knetan says:

    Except he’s not dead.

    I think one of the first covers of it when being announced in R1 land had this error but it was changed for release.

    Oh well, not that I would let it ruin my viewing experience.

  5. Scott says:

    The font just makes me think of what it would have been like for HKL to release it.

  6. Drunken Master says:

    So It’s Cine Asia presents Dragon Dynasty.

  7. Drunken Master says:

    Oh yeah. Bit slow on the uptake. Of course it was a Gordon Chan film. Yuen Woo Ping was just one of a team of choreographers on thnis wasn’t he? Still at leat YWP has Hollywood pulling power.

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