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The Fox Family (2006)


Plot: A traveling family circus troupe set up shop and prepare for business in town. What could be anymore innocent? This family of a father, son and his two daughters are actually a group of “kumiho” (basically a group shape-shifting nine tail foxes!!), in order to retain their human appearance for eternity they need to feed on human liver during a full moon.

Now they need to convince some gullible victims to join their troupe. They enlist Gi-Dong a horny old bastard who they take in to feed on, but when he discovers their true form he begs for mercy and insists on helping them attract victims to their circus.

Although now a after brutal murder had taken place just as they arrived, they now have a snoopy cop following their every move.

Let the singing and dancing begin.

Review: When originally seeing the trailer for this movie, my eyes lit up, I got goosebumps etc.

When acquiring my copy I felt a little stupid, originally I had actually expected this movie to be Japanese, I was far more familiar with myths of shape shifting foxes from the Japanese Anime “Pom Poko”, thankfully no raccoon testicles present.

The Fox Family does come as a refreshing treat when compared to pallet of movies I’ve watched recently. The movie is compared to a mixture of The Rocky Horror Show and Takashi Miikes Happiness of the Katakuris couldn’t be anymore spot on, the crazy mind boggling family reminds me of several instances from the Happiness as well as the really funky musical notes.

I have to say I have a unique soft spot for musicals, I’m the sort of person who owns a copy of “The Producers” instead of “The Sound of Music”, I’ve always had a interest in Asian Musicals, some people think Asian and Musical they would think back to the old Peeking Opera movies where the heroine would sound like a cat on a hot tin roof, but with The Fox Family leading lady Park Si-Yeon is a really saucy diva who shatters any stereotype.

The sub-plot with the snoopy cop with nothing better to do comes off as a little tiresome at first, by the start of the movie you feel “Pro-Fox Family”, they’re the good guys and this bloody cop just keeps appearing. Although I was glued to the television after the pay off later on the movie is revealed.

In the end, The Fox Family was quite amusing and is recommended to anyone who is a serious fan of South Korean Cinema.

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