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Cyborg She (2008)


Plot: When lonely college student Jiro finds a young attractive female sitting beside him at a restaurant on his birthday, he thinks he has found his dream woman, but she’s actually a cyborg sent from the future to protect him. It turns out that the cyborg has been built Jiro’s elderly future self to help him lead the perfect life, thus creating future for him and to protect him from a imposing devastating natural disaster.

The only strain on their relationship is when Jiro believes that he is truly in love with her, but how could a machine handle emotion?

Review: I know I might upset alot of people with this but, I get this! This is the first Japanese Comedy I’ve watched that felt like a Japanese Comedy. Fine, Totally Fine had it’s moments as well as Funuke: Show Some Love, You Losers. None of them really gave me the giggles, Cyborg She? That got me laughing, the second time around the laughter was infectious, I lost my cool I just had to laugh my head off! whether it is the cyborg bitch slapping Jiro to the ceiling, her crazy appetite, the heart warming “getting to know each other” montage or if it is just the subtle moments when the cyborg imitates Jiro during his registration.

If I was to explain this movie to a friend by combining other familiar titles I would have to say it’s the Terminator meets My Sassy Girl, it’s like John Connor falls in love with the Terminator, but he is incapable of loving him back. Scratch that last sentence, the movie did strike alot of familiar ground with My Sassy Girl to begin with, very forward and open girl imposes herself on a shy, gormless young man. Funnily enough the movie is actually written and directed by My Sassy Girls writer/director; Kwak Jae-Young.

The cast in the movie are top notch too, our leading man Keisuke Koide did a great job as the lonely student, his first evening with the Cyborg he played along to everything she wanted, he just didn’t want this amazing night to end with this mystery girl. Our leading Cyborg is played by Haruka Ayase, as you can expect she done a great job, they must have done some camera tricks or maybe even CGI because for most of this movie she really did look like a wax work model and at one point where Jiro runs his hand across her face it doesn’t even look like that she was physically in that shot, it looked like she was almost superimposed in the background. For the rest of the cast we great some fruity characters like the “heart attack waiting to happen” school teacher or his gross school buddy Kenta Santo!

After watching the movie for a second time I have to admit in the future if it came to the choice between Cyborg She or My Sassy Girl, I would honestly admit I would watch Cyborg She. No hate mail now.

Overall a great little film and I highly recommended.

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