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Leaked photos of Jay Chou in “The Green Hornet”

Meeeh, I’m Jay Chou!

seth rogen 021009

Photo Credit WENN; Photos of Jay Chou on set of his first American feature “The Green Hornet”, starring alongside Hollywood funny man – Seth Rogen.

The Green Hornet project was brought to our attention when Seth Rogen teamed up with Stephen Chow to star and direct the flick. Stephen then gave up the directors chair to Michael Gondry and then Stephen Chow just left the project completely. Thankfully they hired the Tofu street racer Jay Chou!

4 comments on “Leaked photos of Jay Chou in “The Green Hornet”

  1. Knetan says:

    I’m Jay Chou. I can’t smile. Buy my records.

  2. Drunken Master says:

    Nice to see Jay Chou getting emotional on set.

  3. Stoo says:

    Ya pair of bastards!!!

    He was great in thingy, you know.

    Initial D! Yeah, Initial D!

  4. Drunken Master says:

    I switched that off half way through, Stoo. Mind numbing tripe. Even the great Anthony Wong couldn’t keep me watching.

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