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Lets read some “F”***ing Reviews! (UPDATED)


Rather than keeping you guys and gals waiting, here is the first half of our “F” review archive. Reccomended reviews? How about reading my review of Fast Fingers, yes a Shaw Brothers movie!

Yes I know it would have made more sense to post this on a Friday, but I’m the boss not you!

UPDATE: Half a dozen more reviews online, should have the rest up this week. You Rock!

Fast Fingers (1983)
Fatal Contact (2006)
Feel 100% (1996)
Fight Back to School (1991)
Fight Back to School 2 (1992)
Fighting for Love (2001)
Fist of Legend (1994)
Fist Power (2000)
Flash Point (2007)
Fong Sai-Yuk II (1993)
Full Alert (1997)
Fulltime Killer (2001)
Future Cops (1993)

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