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Divergence (2005)

Plot: Divergence is the Mr. Suen (Aaron Kwok) a troubled cop whose job seems to getting worse and worse as the witness he’s protecting is sniped by the deadly – Coke (Daniel Wu). Suen’s boss isn’t happy with the witness dead, this now gives them no evidence against the millionaire – Mr. Yiu.

Mr. Yiu is being suspected of money laundering and is being pressured by his boss Jim Pak-Tat. With all this attention from the police Yiu finds his bank accounts frozen and his phone lines tapped, putting a strain on him and his dirty dealings. Yiu’s attorney To Hou-Sang (Ekin Cheng) is trying his best to get his accounts back and dismissed all these allegations against his client.

Suen suddenly finds himself attracted to To’s wife – Amy. Amy is the spitting image of Suen’s girlfriend Fong. Fong has been missing for over ten years, with this and the pressure of his job and the fact that his colleagues think he’s in on the assassination, is leading him closely to a mental break down.

Situations suddenly get tense when millionaire Yiu’s son and pop sensation ‘Yiu Ha’ has been kidnapped and the events that follow all lead, Suen, Coke and To down the same road…

Review: When watching the movie I quite liked it, sure I’m a big Ekin Cheng fan, but that’s not the point. The was good, many, many people have slayed this film, calling it all kinds of rubbish, but maybe they are being a little too harsh? Aaron Kwok won the best actor award for his role in the film, which caused quite a stir; ‘How could crap actor win an award for a crap movie’, these comments can probably be found by the barrel full. I’m not sure what caused the film fans to flag this movie, was it the fact the most of the cast were both singers as well as actors? Or some people didn’t understand the plot?

Okay, I’m going off on a rant there. I’ll calm down…

Now I rather enjoy the movie (as much as the strawberry Cornetto ice cream cone I was eating at the time), the movie had good action – the chase between Aaron Kwok and Daniel Wu was quite cool, I’m also pretty sure I saw a CGI van somewhere in that sequence.

Cast, I feel that all three lead actors in the movie done well, Daniel Wu plays quite a good assassin. Aaron Kwok proved he can play a cop with a tragic past and Ekin Cheng seems to have succeeded in playing a calm, yet suspicious Lawyer. Angelica Lee plays her role of the rich housewife with ease.

Guest Appearances include Eric Tsang as the dude that works in the Morgue and is regularly hassled by Kwok looking for his lost love. Lam Suet appears once again (he seems to be appearing everything lately) and Sam Lee also has a short appearance too. Yu Rong-Kwong also makes appearances as Mr. Suen’s boss.

Final thoughts, good film, although with it’s varied reviews it’s probably best that you rent the movie first. Enjoy!

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