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Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog (1978)

Plot: Dirty Tiger (Lau Kar-Wing) is a bounty hunter who summoned up by an elderly woman, she begs him to help her retrieve her husband – Crazy Frog (Sammo Hung). Her husband as ran away from her and so she’s willing to pay Tiger 20 taels of gold for her safe return. Tiger would have to be a fool to turn down this offer, so he sets out to find her husband.

Meanwhile unaware that there is a price on his head, Crazy Frog is out gambling. Yet when he is suddenly caught up with a female pickpocket called ‘Fake Hands’ (Meg Lam). She convinces Frog to help her escape the casino security guards, to who had caught pick pocketing. Frog seems to defeat the men with ease, he suddenly reveals the he is wearing the precious ‘Invincible Armour’, The Invincible Armour is a chained vest which can resists any blow whether it be a karate chop to a cutlass sword, nothing can harm the beholder.

Fake Hands uses her body to seduce the silly Frog and steal his armour. When searching for the pickpocket Frog is confronted by Tiger. Tiger captures Frog and receives his fee. It turns out that the old dame was only after the armour. Frog explains to Tiger about the value of this vest, both men agree to go find the armour. But they obviously have other motives up their sleeves, possibly just keeping the armour to themselves.

They soon discover that Fake Hands has no use for the armour and is going to sell it to the highest bidder…

Review: Another classical kung fu comedy, this time with Karl Maka as the director we get to see more comedy rather than kung fu, but hey it’s not half bad. The film mainly consists of everyone double crossing everyone else trying to get the invincible armour for themselves but nothing ever seems to go to plan.

With Sammo Hung as action director you’ll notice his stunt team popping everywhere, regulars include; Lam Ching-Ying (plays at least 3 extras roles), Yuen Biao, Shaw’s star Hsiao Ho and Billy Chan.

Other notable appearances well there’s several! Here’s a list Chung Fat, Lee Hoi-San (main baddy) Karl Maka, Fung Hark-On, Dean Shek, Ho Pak-Kwong, Peter Chan, Mars and Mang Hoi.

I’m sure some people would have been pretty ticked off since there seems to be more wacky comedy rather than kick ass old school kung fu, but hey the movie has it’s moments and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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