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Young and Dangerous 2 (1996)


Young and dangerous 2 is picking up right were it left off with the last film. This time the film mainly revolves around Chan Ho-Nam (Ekin Cheng) and Chicken (Jordan Chan). The Hung Hing society have gotten the hold of 6 night clubs and 4 stalls, Mr. Chiang (Simon Yam) asks the causeway bay to choose a leader to run the clubs. The people seem to be stuck between to votes Fei (Anthony Wong) and Nam. Mr. Chiang decides to split it down the middle and give Nam half and Fei half.

The films also jumps back in the past in a crafty way. In the original movie Chick leaves Hong Kong after falling out with Nam (Nam had gotten drugged and slept with Chickens girl). The film shows you what chick done for that year away.

Chicken has now moved to Taiwan and living with his cousin Darky (Blacky Ko). Darky introduces Chick to Mr. Lui, the leader of the San Luen, another large society of Triads. Chicken becomes keen to get on Lui’s good side. Chick mange’s to successfully kill a member of the Councilors Chamber who assaulted Lui. Once returning the rest is picked up at the end of the first movie. In this movie chicken still seems the same as the last movie, although his way with women seem to have stopped, since he has meet the love of his life Yao (Chingmy Yau).

Nam hasn’t changed much either. He is still going with Smartie (Gigi Lai). Although his feelings for her have grown strong. He also plans on getting engaged to her. Although he has been tricky about it, he gave her the receipt for the engagement ring and told her “you can find the ring, we’ll get married”. She soon finds the ring as Nam leaves her in the car. Yet something tragic happens to smartie. Things seem to be getting worse and worse for Nam, with Fei’s men trashing all of Nam’s clubs and stalls.

Yi (Michael Tse) is back from the first film and glad to say he has a bigger role in the film. Yi has now has himself a girl, KK….who happens to be the younger sister of Fei. This puts Yi on the top of Fei’s to do list and ends up having Yi beating up and having KK taken away from him. This leads Yi into a case of blackmail by big brother Fei…

Fei, the nose picker, he has a terrible grudge against Nam. In the past Nam had brutally murdered his brother, so Fei is still holding the grudge, with an ice grip. Fei’s character is memorable for disgusting habits, picking his nose, digging his finger into his ears, cleaning his fingers by sticking them in his mouth and last and most likely his favorite habit is making Nam mad, for example, with smartie in hospital, Fei and his gang begin to kick about a empty tin, but this only upsets the Lethal Weapon! Yes the butt kicking priest is back and he’s giving out salvation and a good kicking in the balls!

Yao, half Japanese, half Taiwanese . She seems to be a very seductive little lady, she’s seems to have some relations with Chicken, Fei, a Mute bodyguard and the San Luen boss, Mr. Lui. Yet she happens to be more cunning than innocent as she returns later on in the film, checking up on Chick. Whilst she is visiting she decides to frame Chicken and Nam with the murder of Mr. Lui!

Murder, Black Mail, Tragedy and Nose picking are all rolled into one as The young and dangerous 2 turns out to be a very successful sequel, with it having its original cast and some new editions (Anthony Wong & Chingmy Yau) were the icing on the cake!

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