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Righting Wrongs (1986)

High paced crime thriller that turns into a martial arts roller coaster from start to finish. Full star cast too; Yuen Biao, Cynthia Rothrock, Melvin Wong, Fan Siu-Wong, Corey Yuen Kwai, Tai Bo, Fung Lee, Wu Ma and Chung Fat!

Yuen Biao plays Jason Chan, a lawyer who witnessed his colleagues assassination, catches the bad guys and attempts to put behind bars, although another man who witnessed the murder was assassinated the night before the trial. Jason looses the case by lack of evidence and decides to retire from the firm.

Jason takes things into his own hands and decides to kill off the gang leaders who staged the murder (one of them played by James Tien). Jason successfully kills off ‘four eyed bill’ and beings planning for the next boss (Tien).

Although the head of the gang takes out his partner Chow Ting-Kwong (Tien) before he could back out of the deal, although after the head leaves, Jason comes to kill Chow but finds out he’s dead…when Jason leaves but bumps into The Lady Dragon (Cynthia Rothrock) a hard as nails cop who has being tailed Jason since his first kill. Although after a small spare Jason escapes the scene of the crime.

Although this murder was witnessed by Yu Chi-Wen (Fan Siu-Wong), who was hiding under a table in the department. He plans to have the leader of the gang put behind bars and have Jasons name cleared…but will he live for that long?

There is also Joe Do (Corey Yuen Kwai) a lazy cop who is teamed up with the Dragon Lady. His father Mr. Do (Wu Ma) is also a cop who refuses to retire because he has nothing else left in his life apart from his son and his job.

When first seeing this film I was shocked, with its excellent story line, crazy fights & stunts ‘Righting Wrongs’ seems a excellent show case of Yuen Biao’s talents. Upon Cynthia Rothrocks introduction you can notice Yuen Biao clearly doubling Rothrock for the more skilful moves, which becomes a fun spotting game throughout the film.

Corey Yuen and Wu Ma were also very good in the film, with a believable father, son relationship. I think everyone feels sorry for Wu Ma during the later scenes of the film.

Also a shocker was Fan Siu-Wong, before he was buff! Yes stickman ahoy! His character seems to be on the ball all the time attempting to squeeze as much penny’s out your pocket as he could handle. Although his exit in the film is rather unexpected.

The final thought of the film is clear and simple, I would quote this as the police story for Yuen Biao and a damn good film in fact.

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