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Project S (1993)


Back Cover Contents: With Jackie Chan making a cameo appearance in a hilarious fight scene (in drag!), the undoubted star of this movie is Michelle Yeoh; James Bond’s latest sidekick in ‘tomorrow never dies’.

Michelle reprises her role as inspector Wah from the awesome ‘police story 3’ and is assigned to Hong Kong to work with the Task Force set up to counter a cross border crime-wave.

Personal Thoughts: Now I had found this movie by luck. In a second hand store for three pounds, such a little price for such a outstanding movie. Michelle stars as Yang Chien Hua with her on screen boyfriend ‘Cheng Feng’ (played by Yu Rong Guang). Cheng Feng, breaks the news to his love that he’s moving to hong kong to become a rich business man, yet he is actually becoming the secret leader of a terriorest group planning to rob one of the biggest banks in Hong Kong. After an attack on a smaller bank in Hong Kong Chien Hua is sent out to Hong Kong to stop the terrorists before they strike again!

Yang Chien Hua (Michelle Yeoh) seems to be the strong, wise women, looking after two of Bill’s police Inspectors. She really shows off her stuff in the opening sequences of the movie and throughout. Her character seems strong and confident around her colleagues until she is reunited with Cheng Feng, where she turns back into a soppy love sick girl.

Li Kuang Ming (Emil Chow) is the try hard but gets him no where, sort of person. He attempts to win the hand of Chien Hua. But seems to be no match for Cheng Feng. In a fight againstone of the terrors ‘Chun’ (Dick Wei’s on screen brother) Ming attempts to show off his stuff to Chien Hua, but only receives the punishment from the enemy.

Kao Shao Lung (Fan Siu-Wong), I was quite impressed with his skill, he shows off some good kicks and agility. Lung is more of a serious character than Ming, in their opening sequences they both show off some of their skills, mostly Lung showing off his talents by man handling a terrorist entitled ‘Ping’. Towards the end of the film Lung and Hua really take charge of the fighting and Ming seems to be in charge of SWAT teams and the planning.

Cheng Feng (Yu Rong Guang), Feng cant really make up his mind on what side he is on through the film, at the beginning of the movie he helps his love, Hua in a terrorist hold up. He then leaves leaves home to go to Hong kong where be becomes a terrorist. When realizing that Hua is on the case to stop his terrorist group. He suddenly re-appears hoping to rebuild his relationship with her, but still leads his life of crime. Hua soon puts two and two together and catches him out. Feng towards the main bank robbery he realizes his group has been double crossed by another terrorist group helping them led by French foreigners. So he changes back to a good guy and meets with Hua on their escape, yet he suddenly holds a gun to her and pleads that he will never rot in prison.

Another main person in Fengs terriorst group is another ex-army man! Mr. Explosives, no need to know his strong point is and he has the scars to prove it. Once being re-united with his terrors brothers Hua, Ming, Lung spring on them. Every one managed to escapes apart from Mr. Explosives. He receives some punishment from Lung in the question room which is quite amusing to watch. Yet after escaping from hospital with help of Cheng Feng. Mr. Explosives suddenly looses his life towards the double crossing of the foreign Terrorists.

This movie is a hidden gem, I must say. They used Jackie Chan in the film for a mere cameo, but then plastered his name over the cover to sell the product. But It is still a good idea to broaden peoples taste for Hong Kong Movies.

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