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Prince of the Sun (1990)


Plot: When the great almighty Buddha is reincarnated as a young child it’s up to a group of misfits to protect this young child from a group of evil priests led by a evil half bat/man lord (played by Lau Shun).

The misfits is made up of a Mainland Chinese bumpkin (Conan Lee), a bitchy teacher with a gambling problem (Shella Chan) and female martial artist (Cynthia Rothrock) sent to save the boy, sent by the spirit of one of Buddha’s top men (Lam Ching-Ying).

Review: Okay, let me just say this is possibly one of the worst movies I’ve seen.

This is a very bad movie, curse Wellson Chin for this, he has besmirched the careers of Lam Ching-Ying and Conan Lee. Well for Cynthia Rothrock this was probably a step up for her and her stunt double.

Now I think I might not have resented the film so much if it wasn’t dubbed. The young boy is giving the attitude of a witty smart ass, which is AMAZINGLY annoying, I’d shoot that child and the compulsive gambler is x2 times as annoying. Lam Ching-Ying and Conan Lee both try their best to give good performances, but with what they have to work with, I wouldn’t expect them too.

Notable appearances include a cameo appearances from Tai Bo as a friend of Conan Lee who helps him get to Hong Kong. Veteran actor Wu Fung makes an appearance as the primary school headmaster who fires the Shella Chan’s ass!

There is one or two funny moments like Lam Ching-Ying on the telly and being bad mouthed by Shella Chan. Also when a spell was casted on Shella Chan which mirrors the appearances of both Cynthia Rothrock and Conan Lee, so when she moves, they two both copy her, its pretty funny when they trying to walk down the stepping stones.

The rest is crap, the window frame joke, the child being slapped from one side of the room to the other, the manikin dummy doubling the child, Cynthia Rothrock’s noticeable stunt double, the rather puny looking bad guys and the stupid four-eyed guy who throws darts.

Final Thoughts – crap.

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