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Pom Pom (1984)


Beethoven (John Shum) and Ah-Chiu (Richard Ng) are to two women loving cops who cant stop playing pranks on each other. One day after being tipped off by Wen (Tai Bo) on a drug deal. They suddenly jump to action (both hoping for a promotion) and stop the superstar ‘Sha’ (Peter Chan Lung), although he is clean, no evidence of any dealing at all and the two cops are left looking stupid. Now given the mission to find evidence enough to put the evil Sha in jail, for good!

Both Chiu and Beethoven are also looking for love. Chiu starts a steady relationship with the Iron Lady, Anna (Deanie Yip). After many failed attempts Beethoven still comes out unlucky, he nearly makes with a relative of a murder victim. The victim was also Sha’s girlfriend, coincidence…I think not.

Pom Pom is a treat to any fan of silly action movies. Picking up as a spin off from the orginal ‘Winners and Sinners’. If your wondering where the heck is the rest of our gang! Sammo, Charlie and Stanley make a cameo appearance along with Jackie Chan, who is still a cop. Yuen Biao has went from cop to truck driver! As well as Lam Ching-Ying to whom has went from Crimeboss Butler to Police Officer!

The ending scenes of the film are very amusing. Some cools stunts of Beethoven jumping from a balcony and then hitting the road hard into a forward roll. Beethoven also recreates the scene from Winners and Sinners where Jackie Chan being pulled by a truck on roller skates. Although Shum does it with out skates!

Fans of the series such as My Lucky Stars, Twinkle Twinkle and of course Winners and Sinners. So if your a fan of comedy cops, decent action, stunts, fab cameos this is for you, if not you should at least watch it once!

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