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My Wife is a Gangster (2001)


Chu Eun-Jin (Shin Eun-Kyung) is the right hand women to one of Korea’s most deadly gangs is now getting married to a simple officer worker as wished by her dying sister, Chu Yu-Jin. Doesn’t sounds like your average film does it?

Eun-Jin aka The Mantis is filling her bosses place whilst he is away on business. She is currently dealing with another rival gang, “White Shark”.

Eun-Jin attempts to find a husband but strangely enough a civil servant finds her! Kang Soo-il (Park Sang-Myeon) throws his head into the firing line of a concrete block, saving Eun-Jin. Now you think Eun-Jin would have fallen in love with Soo-il after he saved her, don’t you? Well no, she just marries him and refuses to any further. Um….until Yu-Jin asks Eun-jin to bare her a child!

I’ll stop there. Yes I don’t want to give away the whole story. Eun-Jin isn’t the only character in the movie. She has her own set of muscle too.

The ones which stand out the most is Romeo and his young follower, Yong Man. Romeo is a sweet talker, a gangster with style some might say. Yong Man is a great mix of comedy, Yong’s weapon of choice is strangely enough a modified Horse leg. He and Romeo always seem to have the same trouble with a group of punks. But its always funny to see both Romeo and Yong Man teach them a lesson.

The movies action scenes are impressive and intense. The action scenes were directed by the Scorpion Warrior, Kim Won-Jin. Won-Jin can just been seen, I mean JUST in the warehouse scene, doubling Shin Eun-Kyung for tumbles, falls and some complicated moves, Other times Eun-Kyung is on wires. Kim Won-Jin excelled himself in this movie I believe.

My Wife is A Gangster happens to be a memorable piece of Korean cinema. Shin Eun-Kyung excelled herself in this movie, although this is the only movie I’ve seen with her. I believe this role was perfect for her! Also here’s a interesting idea for you movie buffs, what about a Hong Kong version with Good old Sammo & Michelle Yeoh, instead of the Jennifer Lopez US version which is on the horizons…

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