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My Name is Fame (2006)


Plot: Dried up actor Poon Kar-Fai (Lau Ching-Wan) once relished his time in the lime light and ended up throwing it all away through arrogance. Working in amateurish productions, Poon decides to change his career from Actor to Manager. His protégé appears in the form of mainland beauty – Faye Ng (Fok Sze-Yin). With little experience and knowledge of the business, Poons help is valuable.

With Faye’s popularity growing by the bucket full the relationship between Poon and Faye gets tested. Faye soon finds herself going to star in a rather risqué movie in Japan. With Faye gone, Poon tries his hand at the movie business one last time…

Review: Thank you Lawrence Lau. I thought this movie was great! The film has many guest appearances, name dropping and film references. They were all done in a more tasteful way, which Escape from Hong Kong Island couldn’t achieve.

Lau Ching-Wan you’re a star mate, this is really your best work. You were great in your crime thrillers, but this movie is icing on the cake. Many people lost faith in him for some of the movies he’s starred in over the years, mainly ‘Himalaya Singh’, which I haven’t seen, but from the reviews it’s got, I best not bother. The film almost seemed semi-biographical for Lau seeing his recent mishaps. The scenes were Lau gets the motivational speech from Tony Leung was great, I loved the montage of Lau’s character stopping his bad habits and getting his life back together.

Fok Sze-Yin was also great, this being her first movie, she has a terrific range as a actress, very refreshing. Some of her heavy scenes were handled perfectly, not once did I feel like her appearance the movie was bad or amateur. At first I wasn’t too sure on her, but by the end of the film she really was the diamond in the rough.

The many appearances in this movie impressed me; Ekin Cheng, Tony Leung Kar-Fai (my favourite appearance), Fiona Sit, Fruit Chan, Gordon Chan and Ann Hui all make appearances in the movie as themselves. None of them are portrayed as ego maniacs either which is very respectful. Other notable appears from people as characters in the movie are; Derek Tsang, Henry Fong, Ku Feng, Wayne Lai and Stephen Tung.

The films running time was a good 1hr 30mins. The film didn’t drag at all, it was well paced. My only frustration was at the end of the movie, your left on a cliff hanger and the film just ends. It’s my only flaw with this movie.

Final thoughts, a brilliant piece of work. Enjoy!

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