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Moon Warriors (1992)

Fei (Andy Lau) is a young fisherman, who helps a group of fugitives in a fight. After returning to his village, Fei finds out that these fugitives are actually the King Yen (Kenny Bee) and a small group of his most loyal servants. The King explains that his evil brother the ’14th Prince’ (Kelivin Wong) is trying to kill him and take the throne as king.

So now the king sends Fei and his servant, Hsien (Maggie Cheung) to retrieve his bride to be. Yuet (Anita Mui), the daughter of the great lord Lan-Ning. On their way back to the village, a love blossoms between Fei and Yuet. Meanwhile the King seems to be falling in love his servant, Hsien. Although she has a secret agenda…

I’ll be making my thoughts loud and clear about this film, a visual pleasure from start to finish! Andy Lau was great in his role as Fei. His character seemed so simple, but he had a great presence throughout. Kenny Bee was decent enough to play his role well. When I say decent, this is due to my lack of Kenny Bee flicks, but he doesn’t disappoint in this film.

Maggie Cheung was delightful was usual, she had shot all her scenes within in two days, due to her having other projects. The Late, Great Anita Mui was wonderful, her character was so innocent and delicate, which suited her really well.

Swordplay wise? A impressive edition to the genre. Great fights + great wire work + high energy powered action = Visually Stunning!! Action Director Ching Siu-Tung as out done himself, reaching his well earned standards of a Chinese Ghost Story and Hero put together.

Final thoughts, Brilliant film, one of the finest pieces Sammo Hung has ever directed. Andy, Kenny, Anita & Maggie were awesome. If you haven’t seen any Swordplay and you want to start on the good foot, Moon Warriors is your ticket!

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