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Men Suddenly in Black 2 (2006)


Plot: After receiving a DVD from ‘Ninth Auntie’ (Sandra Ng) housewife’s and girlfriend of four rowdy men (Eric Tsang, Jordan Chan, Cheung Tat-Ming & Wong Yue-Nam) travel to Macau to fool around behind their partners back, going by the terms “Wife’s play so that Husbands stay”.

So fooling around behind your husbands back is the only way to maintain your marriage? As you can expect the men suspect something’s fishy going on and travel to Macau to catch them in the act!

Review: In 2003 Edmond Pang the witty and funny “Men Suddenly in Black”. In 2006 Zhong Qing debut movie a sequel with half of the original cast returning, with the odds largely against him is Zhong Qing the next Edmond Pang?

As you can expect Qing ain’t no Pang! Qing does give it a good try though, some parts of the movie are quite funny. Although this movie has introduced movie spoofing, the film frequently spoofs Johnny To’s “Election” movies, everything from the Kennel Scene in Election 2 to the Fishing Scene from Election. They also throw in disposable spoofs of Sha Po Lang and Death Note.

Apart from movies they also throw in several actor references everyone from Jacky Chan to Philip Chan! Sure it gives out a couple giggles but It hasn’t really got anything to do with the movie.

Guest appearances include several notable Hong Kong actors so for the women who were looking around here are the list of people they go through; Lam Chi-Chung, Alfred Cheung, Timmy Hung & Carl Ng. Lam Chi-Sin has a cameo as the owner of a porno vcd shop. Ken Wong and Turtle Wong makes appearances as the start of the movie. Tony Leung Ka-Fai appears spirit only, well voice only, portrayed by a golden retriever…

Final thoughts, No. 1 was great, No. 2 was not bad, please, no number three.

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