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Lee Rock (1991)


Plot (Mei Ah): Lee Rock (Andy Lau) first enters the society as a policeman, by which he gets acquainted with two men that help in his way to success. One is a gangster (Ng Man-Tat). Lee Rock learned a lot about triad societies from him.

Another is a senior cop (Kwan Hoi-San) who acts as Rock’s teacher and friend. He recommends Rock to become a senior cop. In this period, Rock meets his beloved girl, Rose (Chingmy Yau), but is opposed by her father (Wong Yat-Fei).

Rock refuses to go along with the corrupt group in the police force makes him becoming the opponent of the majority..

Review: The film was good, it’s always good to see some of Andy Lau’s early work. I feel that they have dragged out this film for too long, hitting the 2 hour mark is more than enough time for this docu-drama. I thought the storyline with Chingmy Yau was not really necessary, it just prolonged the introduction of Sharla Cheung’s character.

I must say one of the highlights of the film is towards the very end where we get to see some action! It’s worth waiting for, if you can’t wait, well just skip through the disc til the end and enjoy!

Another thing that stood out in this movie was the flawless performance from the late Kwan Hoi-San, when hearing of his death I wasn’t taken back by it, I was unfamiliar with him really I had just faintly remembered his performances in God of Gamblers & Project A. But his performance in Lee Rock stood out to me, now I know why the world was shook by his departure.

The film did have a strong cast, Ng Man-Tat, Kwan Hoi-San, Sharla Cheung, we even had guest appearances from Wong Yat-Fei, James Tien, Eddy Ko, Paul Chun, Lee Siu Kei, Michael Chan and Jimmy Lung.

Final thoughts, tad long, but it aint half bad. Enjoy!

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