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Last Hero in China (1993)


Jet Li returns as Wong Fei-Hung for Wong Jing in this comical piece of work.

Fei-Hung arrives in Hong Kong awaiting the arrival of his Aunt Yee, but no luck. Whilst waiting a group of outlaws know as ‘The Boxer Association’ attempt to leave Hong Kong and travel to Canton. After being recognized the attempt escape from the station, although the handy Wong Fei-Hung is able to put the three in their place, whilst holding a bouquet of flowers.

Soon returning to his beloved Po Chi Lam Pharmacy, currently ran by his students, Ah Fu & Ah So. Although there is one problem…Space, the building is so cramp. After a sound suggestion from one of his Landlord, they plan moving Po Chi Lam to a larger building. Ah Fu & Ah So ends up finding a great building with lots of space and very cheap rent! But with all these good features, where are the bad ones? Oh Yeah! it’s next to a brothel!

Although there is another problem brewing in town. For some reason, the women from brothel are disappearing in groups. Although Ah Fu & Ah So soon find out that the women are getting smuggled across sea’s by a group of corrupted monks! Also meeting a deranged officer ‘Master Lui Hung’ which ends up setting Fei-Hung against a notorious Robber, who’s been done for robbery and rape. Although Lui Hung deliberately sets him free, leaving Fei-Hung to clean up the mess.

Yet the film isn’t based on Fei-Hung for the entire film, there is a beautiful street performer (Cheung Man), traveling along with her father. Soon returning to Po Chi Lam Fei-Hung is met with a crowd of children who are suffering from deafness, by drinking some bad medicine. Fei-Hung takes a bottle of this tonic and told them that he will find a cure. After sampling some of the mystery medicine Fei-Hung is struck by temporary deafness.

Although after meeting some of the ladies from Brothel tempting Fei-Hung, yet he gives them a good exercise! One of Fei-Hungs students turns evil by filling Fei-Hung’s cup of tea with a large douse of that dodge medicine. Fei-Hung, not noticing the difference participates in a Lion Dance competition. Seconds from picking up the victory Fei-Hung, a new entry appears a giant centipede!? and a most deadly one at that. Fei-Hung does his best against the raging centipede, although Fei-Hung suddenly looses his hearing!

With Fei-Hung loosing his hearing, also loosing respect from his town for the embarrassing lose in the lion dance competition. Fei-Hung decides to leave town, to find a cure for his deafness. Although whilst away Ah Fu and Ah So soon find out where all the ladies are disappearing to. A group of evil monks have been kidnapping the lovely ladies and storing them in their temple until they can be shipped across Sea’s. Ah Fu & Ah So soon decide to take matters into their own hands and fight off these monks with help of Mr. Pimp!!!

Last Hero in China is a different film from the Once Upon A Time In China series, this having the more comedic feel to it (hence it being a wong jing movie). I hated the film when I first seen it, but I took it seriously. Not known it was a humorous film I put it down. Although watching it these past months I find the film delightful and very pleasant to watch with a group of friends as it is a vast difference from his american releases. I highly recommend it to any of Jet Li’s die hard fans and all Hong Kong cinema fans.

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