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House of Fury (2005)


Plot: Former secret agent Yue Siu-Bo (Anthony Wong) is now retired and now lives his life as a chiropractor. One day he is confronted by a wheelchair bound man called Rocco (Michael Wong), Rocco suffers from a severed spine which paralyzed his body and this was done deliberately when he was on a mission for the CIA. His mission was to assassinate terrorists who bombed a hotel in the Philippines. What he didn’t know is that an Chinese agent by the name of ‘Tai Chi-Lung’ was sent to stop him. Crippled by Tai Chi-Lung, Rocco seeks revenge on his crippler and he belives that Siu-Bo know’s where he’s hiding. Siu-Bo plays the fool and tells Rocco he’s got the wrong guy. Rocco leaves but he warns him that ‘he’ll be back’.

Instead of Rocco returning four of his kung fu fighting henchmen appear in his absence and deliver a firm ass kicking the secret agent. Now kidnapped his two children, Nicky (Stephen Fung) & Natalie (Gillian Chung) must find a way to save their father.

Review: Now some background to the characters, Nicky works at an Ocean Park and Nat is student. Both of them were trained in martial arts from Siu-Bo, known it might come in handy one day. Now these kid’s aren’t really on the best of grounds with their dad, they believe all his stories of being a secret agent who fights ninja’s is all a lot of rubbish. But he insists on telling these stories to their friends which is very embarrassing for any teenager.

But when ‘Uncle Chiu’ (Wu Ma) informs them about their fathers kidnapping they are stunned to believe that all his stories we’re lies. Rocco presents them an ultimatum. ‘Find Tai Chi-Lung in the next 24 hours and your dad lives’, simple? No!

Stephen Fung’s second directed movie. First being the triad miss-match comedy Enter The Phoenix. House of Fury delivers! Now the movie does has it’s flaws, but it is all swept under the carpet thanks to the charming Stephen Fung (He’s really beginning to have a ‘Jackie Chan’ like aura to him now), the eye candy (The Twins) and a very funny chase seen by Daniel Wu and movie veteran Wu Ma.

Guest appearance, We’ll Wu Ma returning to the big screen is always a pleasure – Wu Ma is a legend and he flies!! Daniel Wu and Charlene Choi make appearances of the love interests in the movie. Although Wu has a hidden agenda and Choi enjoys screwing with Nicky’s mind. Lau Kar-Ying makes a one second cameo as a taxi driver who gets his cab window smashed by a brick. Stuntman/fighter Jon Foo also makes as appearance as a baddy that Nicky has to fight, strangely enough he looks identical to how he looked in Tom Yum Goong, come on boy get a change of clothes!

Final Thoughts a great piece of ‘fluff, Stephen Fung we await the third round!

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