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Hocus Pocus (1984)


Plot: A superstitious peeking opera team leader (Lam Ching-Ying) and his opera troupe become haunted by a ghost (actually played the director), when they accidentally perform their shows over the sprits grave.

Lam Ching-Ying plays the role of Mr. Sheng. After a past experience with Ghosts, Sheng has become very superstitious when it comes to the dead. Lam seems to handle the role with ease, the strict master feel. Although this film was done one year before the beloved Mr. Vampire. We even see Lam sporting the fuzzy/hedgehog hair style too.

Peeking Opera performers, Kuei (Tung Wai), Piao (Peter Chan) and Fung Lee (a.k.a. Kay Lay, A member of Sammo’s stunt group). Along with some other faces they spend most of their time showing off or playing pranks on one another. Although they accidentally disturb the odd ghost along the way. One other member of the group, Chia, who is known to steal the show is constantly. He turns out to be mocked and joked on by the others the most. But Chia looses his temper easy and gives out suddenly burst of energy and gives them a beating!

The main trouble causer of the film is a bullied ghost. Although having the body of a man (director – Chin Yuet Sang) the characters dialogue is all readout in a women’s voice. This spirits introduction explains that he is a lonely spirit, who is bullied by the others, so she is forced to return to earth.

Review: Well Hocus Pocus is a cat out of the bag, a shock. Not a big shock, but this film proofs to be quiet amusing for fans of Horror/Comedy. People would say Lam Ching-Ying is picking up his role from Mr. Vampire although this film was done one year before Mr. Vamp was. But Lam proves to be an amusing character. This actually turned out to be my first Tung Wai film and I found him to be a breath of fresh air, he could have done as well as Chin Kar-Lok or even Chin Siu-Ho if Wai had followed Lam Ching-Ying.

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