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He has nothing but Kung Fu! (1977)


Plot: Young swindler – Shao Shan (Wang Yu) spends his days conning the public for money, as you can expect he finds himself in trouble quite often. One day he comes across another young man (Gordon Liu) who doesn’t know who he is. He doesn’t know his name, hometown nor does he know any of his friends or family. Wang Yu decides to help this young man to find out his true identity and making money along the way.

When finding himself in a spot of trouble Wang Yu is defended by his new friend, who turns out to be a very talented martial artist. This comical duo end up getting in some serious trouble when Shao Shan and his kung fu buddy rob the Casino gangsters stealing two bags of silver and give the money to the poor, much to Shan’s dismay.

As you can expect the gangsters aint happy and begin to plot thier revenage against the duo.

Review: An excellent old school Kung Fu flick and the wonderful combination of Wang Yu’s comedy and Gordon Liu’s excellent martial arts skills.

Guest Appearances? We get to see Karl Maka with hair (possible wig!), we also get to see Billy Chan, Chung Fat, Mang Hoi, ‘Mars’ and Lam Ching-Ying play the roles of the Casino henchmen who becoming chopping blocks for Gordon Liu and Wang Yu through out most of the film. Director Lau Kar-Wing makes an apperance in the later half of the movie as the Admarils assistant. Lee Hoi-San also makes an apperance towards the end of the movie as one of the leading henchmen that Liu has to battle. Ho Pak-Kwong makes an appearance as dopey cop at the start.

I must say I find this movie very strange, Karl Maka, Lee Hoi-San and Gordon Liu are really know for being bald actors, but all three of them have full heads of black hair. Sorry, I just wanted to point that out.

Final thoughts a good old fun Kung fu film! Gordon Liu and Wang Yu are great. Enjoy!

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