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Fight Back to School 2 (1992)


Plot: Months after his last months firearms case (aka Fight Back To School 1) Sing (Stephen Chow) and Tat (Ng Man-Tat) are given the choice of where to work. Tat chooses the hardest unit – Regional Crime Unit. Sing laughs saying “If you do Regional Crime Unit, I’ll go to the Transport Unit!”. Yes, you’ve guessed it Sing becomes a Traffic Cop.

The reason why Tat is taking these risks is to impress his new boss, (Miss) Inspector Wong (Deannie Yip), strangely enough Inspector Wong is head over heals for Tat! Crazy Aint it?

Now when random British schools are blown up the police have they’re suspicion that the terrorists are coming to Hong Kong. The Police believe that the target is the ‘Adam Smith Intercontinental School’. The police want to send Tat in as an undercover with some officers to keep a look out.

As for Sing….they are transferring him to Tung Lung Island. Practically a deserted island where there is no traffic! Sing flips out and quits his job.

Now Sing signs up for lessons at the college along with some of his friends from Edinburgh College aka Turtle Wong and the crew! So Sing and the crew attend the college to look out for these terrorists. But now he is a rival to the cop’s. Tat is undercover as the Head of Discipline and cocky cop Mike (Michael Chow) is undercover as a football student.

As you can predict the Adam Smith School is the next target from these ruthless terrorists.

Review: Now the other subplots of this movie involve the continuing story of the relationship between Sing and Miss Ho (played by Sharla Cheung), this story line is progressing to their wedding plans and Sing meeting his ‘in-laws’ for the first time.

Another story, Sing develops a crush on a student in his class. I know one minute he’s planning his wedding and the next he’s eyeing up the lovely Sandy Lai (Athena Chu). But Sing knows what he is doing is wrong and attempts to finish this before it gets serious. Even Turtle Wong gets a girl, he is forced to distract Sandy’s sister Jacky (Sarah Lee) but the two end up passionately making out! yes I know… crazy!

Notable guest appearances apart from the ‘iron lady’ Deannie Yip, the late Blacky Ko makes great appearance as a woman beater who gets what’s coming to him from both Sing and Tat. James Wong makes a cameo as the class priest who ends up getting smacked by Sing and as a result of this Sing gets crucified! Last but not least Spencer Lam makes a brief appearance as the school’s Judo teacher!

Flaws? I don’t think there are any…maybe if your not a fan of Chow’s comedy this might not be the best choice of movie for you, but if your a fan of the first movie you’ll laugh this one up!

Final thoughts – A fun undercover comedy, which should be a fan favorite to all those Stephen Chow fans.

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