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Cop on a Mission (2001)


Small time cop, Mike (Daniel Wu) is thrown head first into a vicious gun battle during a robbery. Mike got a little itchy with his trigger finger and murdered two men. After being suspended from duty Mike spends his time playing video games in arcades instead of drinking like the others. One night Mike is challenged to a video game against a wealthy man. Mike beats him 9 times in a row..

Mike soon finds out that this wealthy man is actually one of the four kings of the triad underworld. The Hung Hing leader – Tin (Eric Tsang), takes a shine to Mike. Although Mike takes more of a shine to Tins wife, Pauline.

After returning to work, Mike is chosen to go undercover as a triad and attempts to bring down the kings of the underworld, without his cover being blown. Mike decides to follow Tin, in a hope that he can impress him and become a successful triad before taking him and his allies down.

Soon after a week Mike is following Tin after saving his wife from an attack from a rival gang. As the story progresses mike begins killing the gang leaders and finds himself falling in love with Pauline.

Well that is a pretty rough idea of the storyline. The film is quite decent shows some positive acting from Daniel Wu and Eric. On some occasions the film might take a down fall and show some pretty rough action scenes which leans on to the side of B-Movie action. The story to the film is well written, its original and witty. The main characters do get in some sticky situations and the is enough of Daniel Wu’s ass to make any man cringe.

Final thoughts, good film, good cast and not a waste of time, trust me.

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