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City Hunter (1993)

Plot: Ryu Saeba (Jackie Chan) is the number one guy when it comes to being a private detective and professional girl chaser, with his partner Makimura (Michael Wong). They make a indestructable duo, until Makimura dies! In Makimuras last words he plays with Ryu to look after his younger sister Kaori (Joey Wong). Although Makimura only has one request, “Keep your hands off her!”.

Saeba agrees with Makimura, until he notices that Kaori is a stunner! Saeba holds a strong face and treats her more of a sister than a girlfriend, yet she is mad for him!

One day Saeba is approached by Mr. Imamura, head of the Imamura Newspaper Company. His daughter, Kiyoko ran away after a family desput, leaving Saeba on a trail to bring her home.

Ryu Saeba ends up on a luxury cruise with Kiyoko and Kaori too has come along, but with her puny twat of a cousin. Which is quite sick when you find out he is in love with her!

Little do they know that the cruise is being taken over by Cornel MacDonald (Richard Norton) and his group of masked terrorists. Although Saeba isnt the crime fighter aboard! Tramp Kao-Ta (Leon Lai) is a fast handed card slinger. There is also sassy cop (Chingmy Yau) and her no-brained big breasted side kick! With this fighting force, they plan on putting MacDonald behind bars, before its too late!

Review: Great Film, this is that the period where Wong Jing was tampering with Manga-to-Movie. City Hunter was orginally based on a Japanese comic strip of a women loving detective. In later in the year (93) we see Jing releasing, Future Cops, starring Andy Lau & Jacky Cheung. The film is obviously influnced by the popular video game Street Fighter. Although Future Cops is more of an extreme M-T-M, with plenty of manga influnces chucked in.

Two notable spoofs in the movie is the cinema scene where Ryu and Kiyoko are being chased by two tall black terroists. Yet whislt Ryu is being beating to a pumple by the terrorists, The Game Of Death plays in the background. Showing the scenes where Bruce Lee is battling against Abdul Kareem Jabber. Ryu begins to copy the moves from the movie, which leads him to defeats his foes! At the end of the scenes, as Ryu leaves the cinema, he shouts “Thanks Bruce!” and strangly enough Bruce replys by saying “Dont Mention It!”.

The Second spoof is a blatent of Street Fighter, where Ryu is faced again one of MacDonalds leading Henchmen (played by Gary Daniels), Daniels throws Ryu through a Arcade Machine and after some shocks the scene turns into a game of Street Fighter, Daniels as th ‘Ken’ and Ryu cross dressing as ‘Chun Li’!

Final thoughts, this is a great film, which will really give you the giggles! Enjoy!

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