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Big Bullet (1996)

Plot: Good cop Bill Zhu (Lau Ching-Wan) finds himself being demoted after quarling with fellow sergant, sleaze ball Guan (Berg Ng). Bill is left in charge of a group EU (Emergency Unit) misfits, a story telling veteran (Spencer Lam), by-the-books cadet with family trouble (Jordan Chan), a short tempered woman (Theresa Lee) and a guns expert (Cheung Tat-Ming).

The streets of Hong Kong are left covered in blood when a group of mainland terrorists free thier captive leader, “The Professor” (Yu Rong-Guang). They then go out on a mission to clame the millions of dollars that the Royal Hong Kong Police has taken from them.

With the death of Bill’s ex-supervisor by the Professor, Bill sets out with his group to stop the terrorists before they leave the country.

Review: Only in the ninties could we see intense, hard hitting crime dramas. Sure we have some brilliant films from Johnny To, Andrew Lau etc. But in that era the 90’s Hong Kong cops movies have this feel around, the story, the cast, the action – All brilliant. It doesn’t matter if they were low budget or didn’t have any famous faces, these are the sort of movies that make the poeple famous.

Jordan Chan got a good role as the cliched cop who lives by the rules and doesn’t like how Lau Ching-Wan gets the job done. Although he is given the good storyline of how his older brother started out as cop but ended up becoming another trouble causing triad. Aww

The film has a great cast, Anthony Wong plays Yu Rong-Guangs brother in arms – “Bird”, with his long har he still has mean streak about him. Yu Rong-Guang is great, his chizlled looks always give him character.

Notable actors include; Vincent Kok, Dayo Wong, John Wakefield, William Duen, Woody Chan and a harldy noticeable Alan Mak.

Final thoughts, top class action flick! Enjoy!

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