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Battle Creek Brawl (1980)

Jerry Kwan (Jackie Chan) is a small time martial arts expert who gets into some trouble with the local gangsters, now after kidnapping uncle/martial arts teacher Herbert (Mako Iwamatsu). Jerry is told that he must loose his fight in the final stages of the Texas Battle Creek Brawl against the meanest fighter around, The Kiss (H.B. Haggerty).

Jackie Chan’s debut to the American audience. When finding out that Robert Clouse was the director of Battle Creek Brawl, I was expecting a sort of Enter The Dragon theme about it. Sure both of them have tournaments, but Enter The Dragon seems more impressive.

The action in the film was good, it had a little bit of Jackie’s style in it. Such as the scene where Jerry is battling the gangster in the alley way but he pretending to hit them accidentally. Further on in the film he is seen using a wooden bench against two opponents. Although his fighting doesn’t seem to impressive in the final fight which was too short in my opinion. A good thing is that we get a training sequence where he has to continually avoid getting hit by tennis balls, its no snake in the eagles shadow but it’s good.

Jackie’s English was struggling at that time, it didn’t help his acting much. But I think maybe the broken English effect was suited for the film, although it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Jackie doesn’t pull off any amazing stunts nor fabulous fights either…

The Cast, also ok, with actors such as Mako Iwamatsu (Conan the Barbarian & Robocop 3) now does the voice over for shows such as ‘Samurai Jack’. Jose Ferrer (Arrest the restless) went onto retire in 1992. Kristine De Bell (Alice in Wonderland) finished even sooner and retired in 1985 and Haggerty passed away this year (27th January 2004) due from the complications of a stroke and broken neck.

Final thought; Battle Creek Brawl is a watch able movie, it’s a really good film, not great, not fabulous, just good.

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    Battle Creek Brawl (1980)

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