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Attack the Gas Station (1999)


A gang of four trouble makers decide to rob a all night gas station. The 4 go in, steal the money, trash the station and leave. Exactly one night later decide to rob the same station again for the fun of it. This time they don’t find much money, so after rounding up the three teenage workers and their middle-aged manager, they decide to keep the gas station running for the night and make some more money.

First of our four mislead youths are “No Mark” (Lee Sung-Jae) the ring leader. His past shows his interests in baseball throughout the film, in his ‘flash back’ (Each character in the film shows a flash back of how they are deprived of the things they love) No Mark is seen training as a baseball player although the coach would only let him do laps, yet No Mark quits as soon as the coach tells him he only let him on the team for sympatric reasons.

Second in line is Paint (Yoo Ji-Tae), you got it! A deprived artist who was brought up in a business family along with a wife beating father. His Father destroying his life’s work believing painting isn’t going to get you anywhere in live. Paint it also well noticeable with his bleached hair and funky green suit.

Dda-ra Ddan is a failed musician with his dreams of becoming a successful singer are destroyed by debt. Although his presence in the film isn’t as strong as the others. But the scenes with him are always amusing, having the keep they have taken captive to sing for him. You wont find a scene based around him with out him wanting a tune in his head.

The one, the only Bulldog (Yoo Oh-Sung) is one of the most memorable characters in the movie. His past shows him been disciplined by a teacher, who continually called him stupid. Now the word Stupid is a big no, no when your with The Bulldog & his giant club. We also get to see Bulldog discipline the people they take hostage and have them battle each other for his amusement. He also enjoys giving them a good old whack if they are out of line too.

Attack the Gas Station is the most impressive, original dark comedy I’ve seen yet. I couldn’t stop laughing when ever I seen Bulldog attacking people. Also The Dark Ox, Jang Ryang from Volcano High makes an appearance as a leader of a Chinese take-away gang. So if your in the mood for something different from the norm. Attack The Gas Station is well worth a watch. This film is a outstanding example in Korean Comedies.

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