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Aces Go Places (1982)

Plot: After a jewellery deal set up by the mafia is spoiled when a thief physically flies in steals the diamonds and escapes with ease. All that is left is a White Glove, which was left by the thief.

The police believe it to be a thief called ‘The White Glove’. So they call in a expert from America – Albert Au (Karl Maka) and team him up with a feisty cop, Inspector Ho (Sylvia Chiang). The mafia also believe it is this ‘White Glove’ who stole their diamonds, but after hunting him down in Venice he proves loyal to them and is forced to retrieve the diamonds…if he doesn’t he’ll be sleeping with the fishes, mafia style.

The real thieve was a local bugger – King Kong (Sam Hui), with the help of his partner – Gigolo Joe (Dean Shek). They escaped with ease and King Kong left the diamonds with Joe.

Joe’s hiding them and left two clues tattooed on two women. but now he’s trouble, one of the women he tattooed was the sister of the crazed triad ‘Mad Max’, who kills Joe before King Kong can find out the location of the diamonds. All Kong needs to do is see the tattoos on these women.

Before King can start his search Inspector Ho and half the Hong Kong Armed forces arrest him! Albert tries to reason with King to help them retrieve the diamonds, but King refuses. So the police let King go since they have no evidence against him, but Albert tricks King into a life or death situation leaving King with no option but to help Albert and Ho. In return for finding the diamonds for them, King doesn’t get charged!

Review: When I first got this movie I thought it was just something similar to Sammo Hung’s My Lucky Stars, but it was completely different. The film is quite good with it’s funny moments and guest appearances.

As I’ve mentioned above Dean Shek has an appearance as Sam Hui’s partner in crime, Gigolo Joe. For everyone women he dates he has their phone number tattooed on him, I guess a phone book wasn’t his style. Raymond Wong makes an appearance as a priest in a taxi who gets over whelmed by the taxi narrators concern for a lost dog, but she is actually upset for the lose of her love – Gigolo Joe!

Tsui Hark makes an appearance as a director for a ballet play which gets ruined by Karl Maka and Sam Hui! I’m sure Ricky Hui is one of the stage helps, but don’t quote me on it and at the end of the movie George Lam makes an appearance as a Ambulance driver. It’s quite amusing as he drives away he waves to the camera, he he.

Apart from the guest appearances the movie also has nifty little contraptions, like King’s motorized phone, door blocker or even the exploding toy cars! You might take King Kong as the Hong Kong version of James Bond but also seems to look like Jackie Chan!

Final thoughts – Aces Go Places is a fun mix of wacky comedy and high jinks. A decent film from Eric Tsang!

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