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A Chinese Ghost Story 3 (1991)


Plot: Having slept for a century, the monstrous Tree Devil is now awaken and starts finding lost souls again.

One stormy night, a wise High Priest (Lau Shun) and his student Fong (Tony Leung) pass by the Orchid Temple and realize that it is haunted. Fong encounters two evil spirits, the seductive Lotus (Joey Wong) and her hated sister Butterfly (Nina Li), in the temple. Although Fong knows his master wants to capture them, he finds himself being attracted by them so he sets them free.

The monks stay at the temple has to be prolonged since Fong carelessly loses the valuable Gold Buddha.

Later on, they come to a corrupt local town, while the high priest meets Yin (Jacky Cheung) by chance and a series of misunderstandings evolve. Meanwhile, Fong encounters Lotus again and finds himself falling in love with her…

Review: The film starts with some mismatched footage from the first ‘A Chinese Ghost Story’ movie showing Leslie Cheung and Wu Ma defeating the Tree devil.

Now one of the main thoughts over the film is that; “Tony Leung? is he a good enough replacement for Leslie Cheung?”. I’m I don’t think so, sure Tony Leung has a excellent reputation when it comes movies, but no can out act Leslie when it comes to the Chinese Ghost Story movies.

Guest Appearances? We’ll apart from the leading cast, Nina Li plays one of the Tree Devils servants and she’s a right little bitch in this movie her and her giant finger nails, she attempts to seduce Tony Leung’s character many a time in this movie, but the only person strung along by her seduction is Jacky Cheung!

There is also a third servant to the evil Tree Devil – Jade. Jade is a more attached sister to Lotus, who have a saucy introduction together which they used to entice a group of sword wielding thugs who were originally after the High Priest and Fong.

Lau Siu-Ming returns as the Tree Devil, yes he’s dressed up as a ugly old hag again! But apart from his three young succubus’s he has a group of freaky bald women giggling, so I just think these are his lackey slaves with Princess Leia hair styles! he he he

There is also a nice reference to Wu Ma’s character ‘Yin’. Jacky Cheung tells the story of where he met a stubborn swordsman called Yin who refused to take Yin (Jacky’s character) as his student, so instead Cheung re-names himself as Yin, but not to be as stubborn, just greedy!

As you can expect Ching Siu-Tung shows off some magical wire work, truly some of the best I’ve seen! Of course you can expect this movie to be filled with all the goodness from the past movie they even include all the random limbs being thrown around!

Final thoughts another strong sequel to the fabulous Chinese Ghost Story Trilogy! Enjoy!

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